Zabbix 1.8.9 Debian Squeeze Backport

I was beginning to get hit by many bad things in the Debian Squeeze zabbix 1.8.2 package.  If you aren’t aware, zabbix is a nifty data center monitoring system and is only slightly annoying compared to most other systems which are very annoying to set up and use.

Most notably, this package will safely run on PostgreSQL 9.1 from squeeze-backports and contains many performance improvements.  It should be a drop in upgrade for the distro package.

Get it here:

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One thought on “Zabbix 1.8.9 Debian Squeeze Backport”

  1. Thanks for this package, I have been dealing with compiling it mysqlf in environment servers and was not an easy task so having the deb packages simplify my life :)

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