Windows 7 has definite backlight problems (“Black Screen of Death”)

There is definitely a problem in Windows 7 RTM with the “Black Screen of Death” despite MS propaganda stating otherwise.  This one has nothing to do with 3rd party antivirus software.

The particular problem I am having and see lots of reports on forums is that the backlight is not turning on after an LCD DPMS standby.  What’s particularly bad is that some people are blaming their hardware and buying new inverters for their displays.  My problematic system dual boots Arch Linux and no amount of LCD power on/off sequences will trigger this in Arch.

I suspect though cannot easily prove that the symptoms came after recent “security patches”.  No MS, I don’t have any virus scanners installed so blaming others isn’t going to cut it.  It has gotten particularly bad in my case after the most recent Patch Tuesday.

I can trigger it readily with my LCDoff utility, though it will also happen organically with Windows’ automatic power management.

The question is, to whom or how do I report this?  I don’t want to be told condescending things by a support drone.  With FOSS, I have clear and easy communications with developers.  I’m not aware of an easy way to get that level of interaction from MS.

So, Microsoft, I invite YOU to contact ME if you want to take care of this bug on an easy to reproduce testcase.

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9 thoughts on “Windows 7 has definite backlight problems (“Black Screen of Death”)”

  1. Good to see another Arch Linux user reading WRH! I run 7 in a vm on my Arch Linux laptop. I haven’t had many problems with it. My girlfriends usb mass storage fails miserably though. Other than that I can’t complain as much as I would like to.

  2. hey its me, Bill, Im here as you requested. Have you tried switching back to Windows XP to fix the problem?

  3. I’m having the same problem, also a T42. Is there a solution to this? Will there be a patch for it next Tues?

  4. Actually, mine happened with Windows XP and not Windows 7. I believe people who have Windows XP and upgraded to Windows 7 may have this problem. I believe it is in the Microsoft SP3 patch. While I had my old monitor, I reinstalled Windows XP. I also bought another monitor for my laptop. It was working fine until I loaded Microsoft SP3. I then allowed my computer to go into hibernation mode and when I came back, I could wake it up by hitting a key, but I couldn’t really see my screen. It was black again. If this is indeed a bug within Microsoft, I believe they should definitely pay for causing this problem to my computer. Mind you now that I’ve also had another old monitor prior to the installation of my used monitor I purchased and that went black too. The monitor I bought that was used was tested as working.

  5. Hi,
    I have an Acer Aspire 8920g which originally came with Vista, NVIDIA GeForce 9500M. Three months ago I swapped Vista with a Windows 7 64 bit version. Everything ran well until two days ago. I dont know what happened. I had my laptop turned on, went out shopping for two hours, and after I came back my laptop’s screen was black. I thought it was in sleep mode but couldnt recover it. I then spent the next 10 hours researching the problem; uninstalled Win 7, updated NVIDIA drivers, updated my bios etc. with the help of a second monitor. Nothing made the black screen disappear. On startup I can briefly see the white ACER logo show on the main screen before the screen turns black. I also ran your LCDoff utility. It puts both screens in sleep mode, but when I move my mouse, the main screen would come up for 2 seconds until falling back again into the back screen. I suspect the problem is due to a windows update. But the strange thing is, I have uninstalled Win 7 whereas I thought this should get my screen back to normal and all I need to do is to disable windows update for a while. Can anyone give me some advice what to try next? This problem is very annoying and I am really close re-installing Vista which I dont really wanna do. Thanks

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